Change. Deliberately. Tenaciously.

  • Tenacious Tortoise is passionate about helping your organization drive the change it needs. Large or small, enterprise-wide or business unit, for-profit, non-profit, or government, Tenacious Tortoise has relevant and valuable expertise, knowledge, and thought leadership distilled from driving change efforts in hundreds of organizations around the world.
  • In challenging times, change will happen in every organization. Leaders hope the inevitable change will be what they have planned. Every organization’s strategy tries to answer the question, “How will we continue to create value?” Answering this question effectively is essential to the future success of the organization.
  • But a successful answer to the strategy question is not sufficient to effect change. People and groups in organizations are cautious about change. Leaders and managers are more comfortable with managing everyday operations than with executing a change agenda. Wise leaders improve the odds of success by partnering with objective experts to drive change.