“It was only through Bob’s expert guidance, persistence, and thoughtfulness that my team at Lockheed Martin’s EIS business unit won the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Hall of Fame in 2007, from BSC authors Drs. Kaplan and Norton. We are forever indebted to Bob and look forward to working with him again as his efforts have led to continued success across other business units. If you’re looking for an expert that can tell you what it takes to be successful in corporate performance management, especially with the BSC, then you need an advisor like Bob.” • Josh Stalker (client)

“I worked for Bob on a variety of consulting projects over a three-year time span during my tenure at Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. Bob was a great mentor to me. He provided enough direction for me to be successful and enough room for me to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. Bob had extremely high standards for deliverables to clients and I use those standards to this day with the team that I manage. He was also a trusted adviser to clients. When Bob was asked his opinion, he shared his view even if it meant challenging the perceptions of the client. Through Bob’s actions, he taught me that it’s more important to act with integrity and do the right thing by the client. I would highly recommend Bob as a consultant as well as a manager of people.” • Kate O’Brien (colleague)

“I worked with Bob on a couple of politically-charged, public sector client projects. He has an uncanny ability to make clients feel immediately comfortable. He really relates to their issues and provides tangible, real-world examples and advice. If I ever had a client I needed to impress from square one, I would bring in Bob. Clients love him – he’s a shoe-in every time.” • Rebekah Wildman (colleague)

“Robert is one of the best management consultants I have worked with during my 10-year career. He has a tremendous talent for combining words and numbers to provide hard-hitting analyses that enable his clients to make decisions and take action. He’s incredibly creative and constantly improves on his work; he’s passionate about helping his clients drive positive change; and he always deals with people using an honest, candid, and thoughtful approach.” • Barnaby Donlon (colleague)

“I worked with Bob on several client engagements. His work is of the highest caliber. He is extremely creative and exceeded expectations in every case.” • Ted Williams (colleague)

“Bob is an expert at implementing the Balanced Scorecard. He provided superior management consulting skills and results… I would hire Bob again!” • Serena Frank (client)

“Bob Gold is hands-down the most brilliant business and IT strategy consultant in the business. Our team at Lockheed Martin is immensely grateful for Bob’s contributions to our customers’ success.” • Lance Freedman (client)

“Bob is a skilled professional. He understands strategic issues and is able to develop tactics to achieve significant outcomes. Bob was very helpful in guiding our entire enterprise through its first balanced scorecard initiative.” • Amr ElSawy (client)

“I had the distinct pleasure of working with Bob for many years while at Palladium / Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. Bob is a consummate professional advisor – highly intelligent, client-centric, passionate about the quality of his work and results in particular. His knowledge of technology and the impact of technology on organizational strategy is unparalleled. I highly recommend Bob and I would absolutely work with him again.” • Ed Barrows (colleague)

“Robert is a talented and creative consultant. He has an uncanny ability to get the best out of any group he works with, and his leadership and workshops produce top quality, useful results. Robert has a wide range of interests beyond technology, and his energy and experience in setting up and running consulting groups is unparalleled. If you are thinking of providing or receiving consulting advice, I would highly recommend a conversation with Bob before you start.” • Paul Durn (colleague)

“I had the pleasure supporting Bob on various client engagements during our time at Palladium/Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. He is a talented consultant due to his ability to see beyond current needs and capture future opportunities. He was also a great mentor and influential in my growth due to his guidance and open and honest feedback. I look forward to future opportunities to partner with Bob.” • Monica Nakielski (colleague)

“Bob is very experienced and creative in finding ways to satisfy clients. He was a great mentor to me when I joined Compass America and I still use much of the advice he gave me 10 years ago. I would be happy to work with Bob again in any capacity.” • John Schick (colleague)

“Bob is a wealth of knowledge about corporate strategy. He can very quickly understand the key issues facing an organization. He asks great questions that provoke discussion and help move the client forward. I enjoyed working with Bob and learned a lot from him.” • Lois Bruss (client)

“Insightful. Articulate. Dependable. Pragmatic. These are just a few of the traits Bob displayed when he worked with us as we began to implement our approach to IT strategy management. Take advantage of his experience and knowledge if you need help – you won’t be disappointed!” • Bob Frelinger (business partner)

“Bob Gold has that unique ability to cut through the clutter and get the heart of the matter. Both as a strategy management consultant, and in his unique role at Palladium heading up our IT strategy practice, Bob’s combination of analytical skills, vision and attention to detail, made him a potent force for client success. Bob and I had the occasion to work together with several clients, where I helped sell the initial work, and Bob helped deliver both the Phase 0 (early stage, short cycle diagnostic), as well as the subsequent delivery of Phase 1 and beyond. In every case, he quickly won the confidence of both core team and C-Level executives, and delivered results. Much of his thought leadership and his client results are reflected in the Kaplan-Norton books that were published while Bob was with the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, and its successor company Palladium.” • Jeffrey K Clements (colleague)

“I have spent many years working with Bob, who is an exceptionally talented executive consultant and colleague. He is a master of performance management and improvement, where he brings well researched and thought provoking insights to clients and colleagues alike. He has a passion and flair for his subject and stands out from the consulting pack as an outstanding and trustworthy advisor.” • Howard Davies (colleague)

“Bob is an excellent consultant and cares passionately about his clients. His clients respond to this, and repeatedly give him very high satisfaction ratings. They value his help, his perspective, and the advice and ideas he is able to bring them based on his broad experience and ability to clearly analyze the clients’ needs and what can truly make an impact.” • Roanne Neuwirth (colleague)

“I worked with Bob Gold for over 5 years at Palladium. Throughout this time Bob always displayed solid strategic insight and a high level of client focus always aimed at getting results for the client. He always looked for ways to do things better and add value in all his interactions. He would be an asset for any organization on a performance improvement journey.” • Jay Weiser (colleague)