20 July 2009 • 8:19 pm

Comments About Comments and the Tenacious Blog

To my great dismay, I discovered over the weekend that the comment form for blog posts is not working (thanks to my friend Jim for making me less clueless). My dismay was tempered by a glimmer of hope; that the reason that there have been so few comments to the posts is entirely related to this problem – but I am not convinced. As recently as today I am still getting an occasional spam comment, which is one reason why the comments are moderated before they go live. I simply don’t know yet when the problem started, and how many of your thoughtful comments were sacrificed to the dreaded “500 – Internal server error” monster. To anyone who may have wanted to post a comment and was unable, please accept my humble apologies.


Over the next couple of days, I’ll be working to try to resolve the problem, and to apply some much-needed maintenance to the WordPress engine and Atahualpa WordPress theme that power the site (both are open source shareware platforms without which I wouldn’t have been able to build the site). So there may be an interruption in the blogroll and times when the site will be incomplete or unavailable.

Thanks in advance for your loyalty and patience.  more