About Tenacious Tortoise

Tenacious Tortoise is a privately-held independent professional services firm. Through its network of affiliated independent practitioners, Tenacious Tortoise provides thought leadership, education, management consulting, and executive coaching to drive deliberate, tenacious change in large or small, for-profit, non-profit, or government organizations around the world

Why is the Tortoise So Tenacious?

Our purpose is change. Deliberate change. Tenacious change. Effective change is the result of deliberate actions, undertaken by leaders with the confidence to set a course and tenaciously stick to it. The failure of change programs most often results from the impatience of stakeholders, who apply tremendous pressure to leaders to do something now. Effective change programs instill leaders and stakeholders with a clear view of both the path and the destination of the desired future state. Leaders and those led know where they’re going, and how they will get there. This confidence yields the time to see change through, and the wisdom to make course corrections without losing sight of the ultimate destination.

The tortoise was an easy choice to symbolize the necessary work of change in every organization. The tortoise is not about slowness. He is all about patience, determination, clarity of purpose and goal, focus, strength, wisdom, longevity (some are known to have lived over 200 years), and success (many species date back to before the dinosaurs), a bit of stubbornness; in short, tenacity.

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Who is the Tenacious Tortoise?

Robert S. Gold brings over four decades of professional experience to his role as founder and thought leader of Tenacious Tortoise, LLC.

In thirty years of executive-level management consulting, Bob has advised and enabled hundreds of organizations in such disciplines as strategic planning, business performance improvement, and information technology management. Prior to Tenacious Tortoise, Bob was Vice President and Practice Leader for Strategic Information Technology Management with Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, working directly with Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, authors of the Balanced Scorecard discipline for strategic management.

Bob earned his MBA (with distinction) in Management Strategy and Organization Behavior at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.


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