Consulting for Change

Customized Approach

To drive deliberate change, Tenacious Tortoise assembles a team of experienced professionals from its network of affiliated independent practitioners. Our practical work has been the basis for books, case studies, and articles in leading publications and business schools. We work closely with your organization’s leaders, management, and front-line staff to:

  • develop a customized change plan to guide our work together
  • understand the organization’s unique competitive, stakeholder, and opportunity environments
  • evaluate the capacity and barriers to change
  • facilitate strategy development and clarification
  • energize and align the leadership team
  • plan the strategy execution process
  • localize the strategy agenda for divisions and stakeholder organizations
  • design and implement a comprehensive process for managing strategic performance
  • motivate strategy-aligned group and individual behavior
  • design and propogate a new culture of strategic leadership, performance, and communication across the organization

as appropriate to your organization’s unique situation and capabilities. Our approach is not simply do the work of change, but through our partnership improve the organization’s capacity for change.

Proven Offerings and Techniques

Your organization’s change plan will be integrated from proven offerings and techniques designed, refined, and applied by Tenacious Tortoise and its associates in decades of management consulting experience with hundreds of client organizations around the world. These offerings include:

  • Change Capacity Assessment
  • Strategy Map Design and Development
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategy-Focused Organization
  • Balanced Scorecard Reporting
  • Office of Strategy Management
  • Strategy-Focused Information Technology
  • Strategy-Focused Human Capital
  • Strategy-Focused Budgeting and Planning
  • Employee and Stakeholder Perception Capture and Analysis
  • Strategy Aligned Enterprise Communications

Of course, no change program occurs in a vacuum. Vital to our success is our expertise in integrating existing organizational efforts, such as TQM and Six Sigma, with the offerings and techniques best suited to your organization’s unique history.