27 September 2009 • 5:10 pm

A Bit of Self-Promotion

This Tuesday morning (at 11:00 a.m. EDT), I’ll be Heather Stagl‘s guest on her blogtalkradio show, talking about measuring the workforce.

On Wednesday and Thursday 7-8 October, I’ll be speaking at the American Strategic Management Institute’s Performance conference in Chicago.

For more details, please click here, or go to the Events link above.

18 August 2009 • 7:00 am

Blogging and Cooking

Having returned from a very pleasant road trip with my family (we drove from Chicago to the Badlands area of South Dakota, and camped along the way), I was dismayed to see that the Tenacious Blog had not taken on a life of its own in my absence. No new posts had magically written themselves and queued themselves up for publication. The predictable ruse of posting a series of “Best of the Tortoise” items didn’t fool you, and traffic to the web site and blog is off a bit. Of course, it is August, and many of you are likely to be off on camping trips or other diversions of your own. But September will be upon us soon, and in my experience, the pace of life will pick up considerably after Labor Day (apologies to overseas readers for the occasional U.S. –specific references). With the expected surge of traffic, I feel the pressure to get back in the writing groove again.


27 July 2009 • 3:11 pm

The Tortoise is Back

Many thanks for your patience while the Tortoise has been out of sorts. The technical problems that the site was experiencing appear to be resolved, although not apparently as a result of any of the maintenance upgrades that the site needed. So I have no certainty that there won’t be more problems, but things seem okay right now.

Because of an abundance of spam comments, I’ve closed all prior posts to new comments. Of course, new posts will be open for comments, and I hope you’ll contribute to building a dialog here. If you’d like to comment on any post, past or present, you may also send an e-mail to Your topic suggestions are especially welcome.

I also learned how easy it is to fall out of the routine of daily blogging. I am working on the first substantive post in a week, and should have it up soon. I’ll be working hard to regain the lost momentum.  

Thanks again for sticking around.

20 July 2009 • 8:19 pm

Comments About Comments and the Tenacious Blog

To my great dismay, I discovered over the weekend that the comment form for blog posts is not working (thanks to my friend Jim for making me less clueless). My dismay was tempered by a glimmer of hope; that the reason that there have been so few comments to the posts is entirely related to this problem – but I am not convinced. As recently as today I am still getting an occasional spam comment, which is one reason why the comments are moderated before they go live. I simply don’t know yet when the problem started, and how many of your thoughtful comments were sacrificed to the dreaded “500 – Internal server error” monster. To anyone who may have wanted to post a comment and was unable, please accept my humble apologies.


Over the next couple of days, I’ll be working to try to resolve the problem, and to apply some much-needed maintenance to the WordPress engine and Atahualpa WordPress theme that power the site (both are open source shareware platforms without which I wouldn’t have been able to build the site). So there may be an interruption in the blogroll and times when the site will be incomplete or unavailable.

Thanks in advance for your loyalty and patience.  more

25 June 2009 • 3:17 pm

Tenacious Blog News and Notes – 25 June 2009

A quick update for readers and subscribers to the Tenacious Blog.

New Contributor

I am excited to tell you that tomorrow’s post will be a milestone in the young life of the Tenacious Blog. My friend and colleague Heather Stagl has agreed to contribute her first  – of what I expect will be many – insightful blog posts.

14 May 2009 • 12:04 pm

The Tenacity of the Tortoise

Leaders seeking performance improvement are often unrealistic about the capacity for change in their organization. Each change initiative is undertaken with urgency. Tangible results are elusive. Patience runs thin. Good intentions are thwarted by impatience.

Members of their organization know the tune, and are tired of the dance. Why change, when last year’s initiatives have been abandoned? Apathy and cynicism are widespread. Leaders are seen as lacking the determination and the patience to stay with a good program long enough to see results.